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Are you an entrepreneur?

At the Academy Investor Network, we invest in venture backable startups at the Seed stage.

The world's a stage, and on our stage, the entrepreneur is the star. We work for the entrepreneur and are hyper-focused on funding and supporting our startups. We commit to leveraging our time and expertise from our network to help your startup.


You Asked, We Answered

Who can invest?

Only Service Academy graduates can invest. We will accept accredited and, when feasible, non-accredited investors.  To determine feasibility for non-accredited invested, we will look at such factors as, without limitation, the number of total investors, the amount being invested, the marginal costs of additional legal compliance, the willingness of the target company to accommodate non-accredited investors, the willingness of a non-accredited investor our educational programming.

What is a "venture-backable" startup?

A company that is scalable and is more than a feature or product. The company needs to be a standalone entity that can build, support, and defend its customer base on an ongoing basis.

The company must demonstrate the ability to build a sustainable company with a product line sufficient enough to grow to $100M in revenue or return 10x our money in a 7-year timeline.

Who can receive investment?

Veteran-led startups where a veteran owns greater than 10% equity. Any civilian-led startups in the GovTech/Defense Tech space.

Please note that veteran-led startups can be in any space, they do not have to be in the GovTech/DefenseTech space.

How do you join the platform as an investor?

You need a referral from two fellow Service Academy graduates

Does it cost money to be a part of the syndicate?

No, participation in the syndicate is free. The only requirement is that you are a Service Academy graduate. You must be referred by two syndicate members to be accepted into the syndicate.

Are there any fees associated with investing?

Yes, we expect to share syndicate fees amongst our participating syndicate members. Filing fees range from $5K - $10K per investment. We will share these among all syndicate members. Our mission is to keep these fees as low as possible.

Will we receive Pro Rata Rights?

When an AIN SPV invests, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain Pro Rata Rights to invest in future rounds for the SPV.

However, all SPV participants must waive their right to participate in such future rounds and allow AIN management to determine how best to utilize those rights.  This is not to say that, where feasible, we would not allow SPV participants to participate in such future rounds, but rather, than we need maximum flexibility as we launch our platform.

As a syndicate member do you have to invest in every deal?

No, you can invest in deals on a case-by-case basis.

As a syndicate member can I see every deal?

Yes, you can see every deal. You must request access within a specific time frame to see a deal. 

If you are granted access to the deal room, we ask that you are professional in the diligence process.

Potential investors should be aware that an investment in AIN Management involves a high degree of risk.  There can be no assurance that AIN Management’s investment objectives will be achieved, or that an investor will receive a return of its capital.  Potential investors should consider, among other things, the factors set forth below in determining whether an investment in AIN Management is a suitable investment.  

Risk Inherent in Venture Capital Investments.  The types of investments that the AIN Management anticipates making involve a high degree of risk.  

Management may not have opportunities to make suitable investments.  The AIN Management may be unable to identify Securities complement its strategy even if it identifies appropriate opportunities,

Management may be unable to obtain maximum value for its investment interests.  The AIN Management intends to hold positions in non-public companies which are generally illiquid investments.  The realizable value of the AIN Management’s interests may ultimately prove to be lower than the carrying value reflected on its financial statements.

Competition.  The AIN Management expects to encounter competition from other entities having similar investment objectives. 

Success could be impaired by valuations placed on companies in the target industries by the financial marketplace.  Securities markets, in general, and technology-based stocks, in particular, have experienced periods of significant volatility

General economic conditions.  General economic conditions may affect the activities of the AIN Management.  Interest rates, the price of marketable securities and participation by other investors in the financial markets may also affect the value of securities purchased by the AIN Management or considered for purchase.  Potential investors should realize that the AIN Management may not make distributions due to general economic conditions, illiquidity of portfolio investments, contractual prohibitions, or other reasons mentioned above.

Nature of private investments.  Investment in the AIN Management requires a long-term commitment, with no certainty of return.  

Illiquidity of investment.  Investment in private companies involves extreme business and financial risks and can result in substantial or total loss.  Investment in the AIN Management requires the financial ability and willingness to accept significant risks of illiquidity.  

Importance of key management.  The success of the AIN Management will depend on the ability of management.

Lack of operating history.  Although the managers of the General Partner and the Management Company have prior experience relating to the financing of companies and in investments similar to those to be made by the AIN Management, the AIN Management itself has no operating history.

We will try to ensure that all AIN members receive the same information regarding a potential investment.  Nobody should get preferential treatment or information on an investment.

For each deal, there will be a data room for each company. This data room contains the following:

  1. Company presentation

  2. A video of the company presenting itself a Q&A session with AIN staff and the deal terms.

At times, AIN will analyze certain topics about the company. Then, we will post this information to the company's deal room.

We set up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for each investment., AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital

Investing to Impact Our Future

Our syndicate consists of graduates from the five U.S. Military Service Academies that invest alongside us and help us with deal-sourcing, vetting and providing post-investment support to our companies

Membership Requirements


Must be a graduate from one of the 100% publicly financed Service Academy Institutions: USNA, USMA, USAFA, USCGA, USMMA.


Participation in the syndicate is by invitation only. Two current members must refer you


Syndicate members may participate in AIN as their interest and time permits, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital

AIN Member Benefits

Co - Invest

The ability to co-invest in exceptional, best-of-breed startups and receive AIN Management analysis on each of these startups

Refer Startups

The opportunity to refer startups to the AIN team and receive an extra % share in the carry pool, beyond your investment amount, should AIN make an investment in the startup you refer

Advisory & Hiring Opportunities

Connect with high performing startups for potential advisory or team (hiring) opportunities

Expand Network & Attend Exclusive Events

Expansion of your professional network amongst Service Academy graduates as well as the Tech / Innovation Ecosystem.

Attend exclusive events connecting the AIN community, DOD and Government leaders, tech industry leaders, and our portfolio companies, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital
Become an AIN Member, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Get Funding

Academy Investor Network Resource Hub

Our AIN Resource Hub includes a list of organizations, tools, articles, and platforms for entrepreneeurs and investors., AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital

A.M. Money

ABOUT: A.M. Money is a student loan company that offers a healthier approach to financing higher education. Their mission is to ensure that financial challenges do not prevent students from completing college and pursuing their careers

STAGE: Seed Stage

Daniel Rogers (Founder)

U.S. Army Veteran

Moth + Flame

ABOUT: Provides immersive Virtual Reality learning experiences to enterprise scale customers across a range of verticals  

STAGE: Seed-Stage SaaS Company

Kevin Cornish (Founder)


ABOUT: Provides local governments with single, reliable, safe and digital platform for seeking and providing public input through polls and surveys. 

STAGE: Seed-Stage SaaS 

Nick Mastronardi (CEO)

U.S. Air Force Veteran


ABOUT: Rownd eliminates the login page via authenticated accounts

STAGE: Pre-Seed

Robert Thelen (Founder & CEO)

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Orbit Fab

ABOUT: Offers a supply of satellite propellant in Earth orbit that expands the operational potential of new and existing assets  

STAGE: Series-A

Daniel Faber (Co-Founder, CEO)

Zeno Power

ABOUT: Zeno is building the next generation of radioisotope power systems (RPS) that provides always-on, resilient power for years at a time without needing maintenance or refueling.

STAGE: Series-A

Tyler Bernstein (Co-Founder, CEO), AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital

Our Portfolio

Our Values

We are a mission-driven organization, and our mission is to serve:

  • Service Academy Graduates (SAG) 

  • Entrepreneurs

We aim to reduce the friction points for

1) SAGs to invest in startups, and 2) friction points that enable entrepreneurs (veteran-led, industry-agnostic, and civilians focused on building Dual-Use Tech startups) to receive investments

Our number one objective is to get entrepreneurs funding and help their companies grow., AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital, AIN, AIN ventures, Academy, Dual-use, Venture, Venture capital
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Our content will help our members become smarter investors and provide our startups with the best information possible.

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